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Feb 23 2016

Revised Code Reference Guide!

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2016 Code Reference Guide

The new code reference guide is here!

Each year, thousands of people receive a hard copy or electronic download of our code reference guide.  When a new edition of a code or standard becomes available, I incorporate any necessary changes and we reprint the guide.

Because there are 40 pages of code information in this booklet and I want to keep it as accurate as possible, I post the PDF here before printing the hard copies, and offer a reward for the first 10 unique errors found.

If you’re one of the first 10 people to review the new guide and find a mistake that nobody else has found – a missing bullet, typo, etc. – there’s a $25 Amazon gift card with your name on it (one reward per person)!  You can email me, or leave a comment in the reply box.

You have until Friday, February 26th, so READY? GET SET! GO!!!

15 Responses to “Revised Code Reference Guide!”

  1. Brandon J says:

    In the second to last paragraph on page 39 re-entry is spelt two different ways. re-entry and reentry does that one count?

  2. Kevin Knippa says:

    On page 29, in the third paragraph, which begins, “Existing fire doors are sometimes”… Life safety is hyphenated (ie. “life-safety”). This is inconsistent with the use of the term in other locations in the document.

  3. Julia says:

    Page 3; 4th paragraph; there should not be a comma after complexity.

  4. Bob Monigle says:

    I don’t quite know if you want to consider this a mistake, error, etc., but…page 19 and page 28, where you make reference to NFPA 80 and the clearance at the bottom of the door, I’ d like to point out that I have had experience where the 3/4″ dimension has been referenced from a “non combustible surface”, not just the floor. This may be due to an overzealous inspector, but it may warrant a look at an official interpretation. We’ve actually had to call out rated door bottom seals or metal edging to make up the difference of the scheduled flooring under the door (i.e. VCT, Vinyl, etc..)

  5. Joanna says:

    On page 6 under the “Day-care” column, the third one down “Day care homes” does not have a hyphen, while all other references to day-care do in the document.

  6. Julia says:

    page 17; last paragraph; shouldn’t it have “Inspection of” at the beginning of the statement?

    Note: Fire door assemblies in all occupancy types are
    required to be conducted after installation, upon
    completion of maintenance work, and also annually.
    Copyright ©

  7. charles says:

    I know nothing about copyright laws,

    There are different NFPA copyright dates, at the bottom of pages 37,36,35,34,20,19,18,16,15,8,7,6

    I see what I think are foot notes, bottom left of page, but not sure if I see it in the body of the paper. Like on page 15,18

    • Lori says:

      Hi Charles –

      The different copyright dates are because of the different dates of the NFPA documents, and the foot notes (the little “1”) are in the page titles.

      – Lori

  8. Leo says:

    Page 30 number 7 ends with “etc”, all other “etc.” have a period.

    But i still managed to understand 😉

  9. Anon says:

    i’m assuming the $25.00 “bounty” (times [x])is coming from the proof-reader’s pay ?

    • Lori says:

      I’m the proofreader (and writer, and photographer), and I can assure you the bounty didn’t come out of my pay! 🙂

      – Lori

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