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Jun 03 2014

More from NYC

Category: Beautiful Doors,Panic HardwareLori @ 11:05 am Comments (2)

I’m busy preparing to start my next online Decoded course today, so here’s a quick post with some more photos from my trip to New York City.  Most of my friends are still wondering why I took so many photos of doors – I did it for YOU!  🙂

I saw this old beauty at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, built in 1924.  It looks like it could be original…what do you think?

Type C

Theater Exit with Panic

Theater Exit

These doors on center pivots are great as long as the weather’s nice enough to leave the doors open.  I’m curious about the winter plan for this entrance, and also whether these doors meet the requirements for a means of egress.

Doors on Center Pivots

No wonder there’s so much confusion about fire doors…

Exterior Pairs

Not a fire door

Lots of beautiful pulls:

Bronze Pull  Rose Pull

Torch Pull  Angel Pull

Another Bronze Pull

Don’t forget to send me some photos of the interesting and beautiful doors you see on your summer vacation!


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2 Responses to “More from NYC”

  1. Tom Breese says:

    Thanks for posting! We don’t have much in the way old/vintage hardware out here…

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