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Jun 20 2013

Beautiful Doors of Denver

I’m in Denver for the AIA conference, and this afternoon I played a rousing game of Code Jeopardy with the Denver Chapter of DHI.  If you’re at the AIA conference this week, stop at our booth (#530) to play a short version of Code Jeopardy and your name will be entered to win an iPad Mini!  You can enter whether you get the questions right or not, and you’ll probably learn something about a new code requirement in the process.

Today I had a little time to hunt down some beautiful doors in Downtown Denver.  If you’re in Denver and you see any doors of interest, send me a photo!

On a drive-by of the Colorado Statehouse, I was disappointed to catch a glimpse of all-glass doors at the entrance.  On further inspection I realized that the original doors were still there – in the open position.

Statehouse Entrance

Statehouse Leaf

Colorado Statehouse

Statehouse Lock

Speaking of retrofits, check out these new doors on the Archiocese of Denver.  I’ll give them an E for effort, even though I prefer when the old doors are refurbished.

Archdiocese Entrance

Archdiocese Arched

Archdiocese Pivot

Archdiocese Pair

Archdiocese Crown

Archdiocese Pulls

These bronze doors are on the Scottish Rite Masonic Center.  Cool eagles!

Bronze Eagle Doors


More bronze doors on the KPOF Alma Temple:

KPOF Bank of Pairs

KPOF Wreath

The legislative services building still has what looks like the original door, and the doorknobs with the state seal on them:

Legislative Pair

State of Colorado Knobs

These wood bifolds are on the Pathways Church:

Pathways Church Entrance

Pathways Church

Pathways Church Lock

These beautiful wood doors are on Saint John’s Cathedral:

Saint Johns Cathedral Bank of Doors

Saint Johns Cathedral Pair

Saint Johns Cathedral Panels

Saint Johns Cathedral Transom

Saint Johns Pulls

And finally, some simple but beautiful door pulls:

Simple Pulls

3 Responses to “Beautiful Doors of Denver”

  1. Louise says:

    Give those shiny doors another 100 years. Then they’ll fit in nicely.

  2. Chuck says:

    I like the faux strap hinges on the new Archdiocese doors.
    They give the illusion of old-time hinges with the strength of modern intermediate offset pivots.

  3. Cda says:

    I am glad in picture18 they let everyone know that you cannot get a wheelchair on the roof

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