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Mar 15 2013

The Station Movie

Category: Egress,HistoricalLori @ 12:07 pm Comments (3)

Last month I wrote about the first episode of The Station Movie, a video series posted online in segments about the Station Nightclub fire that occurred 10 years ago and took the lives of 100 people and injured more than 200 others.  The pain of the survivors is a reminder of why we need to continue to be vigilant about code requirements, including those pertaining to egress and fire protection.  Here are the next 3 episodes:

Episode 2: Joe Kinan & Carrie Pratt – “Finding Love”

Episode 3: John Gregson – “Faith”

Episode 4: Rob Feeney – “Flashover”

3 Responses to “The Station Movie”

  1. Bob Harder says:

    Just watched the Nightclub Fire videos. My nephew was there. He was playing in the band just before the Great White. They were outside when the fire started so they were safe. He was able to save a few people by helping to pull them out of the crowd jammed in the doorway.

  2. Cda says:

    I missed the first one, but found it and watched all four

    Great series put together, should be shown in many different venues

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