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Jan 04 2013

Recent Announcement from Ingersoll Rand

Category: General InfoLori @ 7:00 am Comments (4)

A few weeks ago, Ingersoll Rand announced plans to spin off the combined commercial and residential security businesses into a new standalone publicly held company.  I immediately started getting calls and emails from blog readers asking what this meant to me and to our other employees, the brands, and this website.  One hardware distributor said, “I can’t imagine the hardware business without Schlage, LCN, and Von Duprin in it!”  I was very touched by the concern for our people and products.

Not to worry…this proposed change is good news.  Although we have some work to do over the next year to form a separate company, many things will stay the same and changes will be positive ones.  As a standalone company we’ll have the flexibility to make investments and improvements that will benefit our customers.  Our employees and manufacturing facilities will be here to provide the products and services that our customers need.  I’m not going anywhere, and neither is iDigHardware.  The community of thousands that has been created around this site over the last 4 years is extremely valuable to our industry and beyond.  Thank you for being part of it!

For additional information, you can download the announcement here.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment and I will get you an answer.  Thanks again for your support!

4 Responses to “Recent Announcement from Ingersoll Rand”

  1. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    I am on the fourth company due to buyouts, mergers, etc. in the 35 or so years I have been in the industry. In the long run, all worked out for the best and made the company stronger.

    The IR family of products has always been respected in the industry for its quality and value.

    I’m sure the changes to come will only be for the better and wish all success in the change.

  2. dp says:

    This sounds to be more of a split than a buy-out, where the interests of the original stake holders are maintained. This is in contrast to a true buy-out where the new ownership imparts their will and sometimes lack of knowledge that the original company possesses. It sounds as though IR has got their best interests in their employees and all those they serve. From an architect’s perspective: thanks IR!

    • Lori says:

      I agree Dan – from what I’m hearing from the leadership team, we are spinning off and creating a new company that will serve us and our customers even better. It’s not a take-over situation where someone who doesn’t know anything about the hardware business starts making the decisions.

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