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Dec 24 2012

Early Christmas Present

Category: Egress,Fire DoorsLori @ 5:52 pm Comments (25)

I’m pretty sure I asked for a PAIR of boots for Christmas, but Santa must have misunderstood.  I ended up with one walking boot after falling off of running fountain while trying to take the perfect photo of a door for y’all.  OK…actually I stepped off a little lip in a walkway while checking into our hotel in the dark and did some ligament damage.  We won’t know the extent of the damage until the swelling goes down.  BUT – I did get a photo.

While I was in the ER waiting for the radiologist to read my x-rays, I was in one of the exam rooms with my 11-year-old daughter, Aliya.  Out of the blue, she said, “Why is this chair in front of the door?”  I said, “It’s propping open the fire door.”  She responded, “That’s bad, right?”  Right!

All of the doors in this facility are marked with a little red “Fire Door” sign and all the exam room doors are propped open with chairs:

My new Christmas boot:

And speaking of Christmas…everybody seems to be having either ugly Christmas sweater contests or holiday door-decorating contests these days.  I checked out some of the door contest winners and I’m positive there are some code issues. At the risk of being called the Grinch, here are some rules to decorate by next year:

1) If the door is a fire door (check for the label on the door edge), you may not attach copious amounts of decorations to the door.  Signage is limited to 5% of the door area, and must be attached with adhesive (not screws or nails).  No signage may be applied to the glass.  I think the same limitations would hold true for decorations.

2) If you are decorating the egress side of the door, the door must be obvious and visible as an exit.  It must look like a door.  You can not turn it into a tree with gifts under it, or a reindeer stable.  You may be able to use this type of decorations on the non-egress side as long as the door is not in a fire separation and there aren’t other limitations on the amount of paper in the corridor.

3) The door must still be operable after the decorations are installed.  The hardware must not be covered, the giant fireplace mounted to the door must not inhibit the operation of the door.  If the door is on an accessible route, it must operate with less than 5 pounds of force (for interior doors), even with the life-size fake Santa attached to it.  The bottom 10″ of the door must not have any protrusions on the push side.

There are TONS of Christmas door decoration photos online…just check Google Images or the links below.  Here are a couple obvious issues on cross-corridor doors in a hospital:

Happy Holidays to All!!!

25 Responses to “Early Christmas Present”

  1. Jeff Tock says:

    Palm trees in Boston?

  2. Brad Keyes says:

    Lori, Lori, Lori….

    This obsession of yours (taking pictures of unique doors) is going to be the end of you yet.

    I suggest you get a safer, less dangerous vocation… such as bull fighting.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Tim says:

    Two thoughts: I hope your mishap will help you recover some of that Obama’d 401K;
    I know I’ve reached a new plateau: looking at (possibly) illegally decorated fire doors on Christmas Eve! Fire Marshal Grinch gave out his own set of awards, right?

  4. Cda says:

    Sorry for the hurt.

    Looks like a rough rehab facility, next to the beach!!!!!!! Come on!

    • Lori says:

      Well, it’s cold and rainy today with isolated tornadoes, and I have a lot of rehab helpers to keep occupied. Should be fun!

  5. Chuck Park says:

    Merry Christmas Lori!
    I spy palm trees and a beach in the background of your Boot picture. Enjoy your time on the beach because it’s snowing here in the tri-state area tonight.

  6. Rachel smith says:

    Sorry Lori. But it looks like you have a great view of the beach. Your daughter will have her AHC certifications faster than most people. Merry Christmas to you and a new year filled with a rapid recovery.

  7. Eric says:

    Great to see your daughter is a Florida fan. Go Gators!!!

  8. Cda says:

    Sure those are not old pictures??? And just trying to get a few more days off ???

    Anyway, check to see if there are one of these around so you can enjoy a little sand

  9. Rich Conroy says:

    Ouch, hope you feel better…

  10. B. Holt says:

    Lori, I am sorry to hear of your injury… sending you get better soon wishes. By the way love the fire door comments from your Aliya 🙂

  11. Cathy Kopp says:

    Oh geesh, Lori! Hope you heal quickly!

    I own one of those boots … unfortunately it did not garner any sympathy at the airport 🙁

    Hope you can salvage some of your holiday. At least you didn’t have skiing plans!

  12. Tom Jacobs says:

    “Let me show ya summin'”…Fire Marshal Aliya. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Good thing there are digital cameras…just think of the cost of film…Photomat…scanning so you can post…

    Merry Christmas…Happy New Year!

  13. Douglas HIcks says:

    My sympathy for the big ugly boot. I had one a couple of years ago. Seems the chainsaw was tougher than my ankle. One problem, cold toes on one foot. Cut off panty hose kept my toes warm, courtesy of my girlfriend.

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