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Sep 24 2012

Curtain Door, Matharoo Associates

Category: Beautiful DoorsLori @ 2:07 pm Comments (11)

Mary Hinton of Mulhaupt’s sent me a link to check out a one-of-a-kind door, and she was right – it’s amazing!  The door is on a single family home in India called “House with Wall of Light.”  It was designed by Matharoo Associates, for Dilip Sanghvi, a diamond merchant.  The architectural firm won the Architectural Review’s Emerging Architecture Award, when they submitted the door design.

From the Architectural Review:

‘The DOOR, to a diamond merchant’s residence in Surat, India is 5.2m high and 1.7m wide. The door comprised of 40 sections of thick 254mm Burma teak where each section is carved so that the door integrates 160 pulleys, 80 ball bearings, a wire-rope and a counter weight hidden within the single pivot.

Stacked one above the other in the closed position, each plank can then rotate by a simple push causing the door to reconfigure into a sinusoidal curve.’

I would love to see if the door is still functioning well after being installed for a few years.


There are more photos and information about the house here:

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11 Responses to “Curtain Door, Matharoo Associates”

  1. Eric Rieckers says:

    All I can say is; wow.

  2. Tom Breese says:

    Hey Lori! You’ve got connections — can you get a video clip of the door opening & closing? 😎

    Thanks for posting!

    • Lori says:

      I looked for a video but have not found one yet. Maybe my next road trip will have to be to India. I wonder if they would answer the doorbell if I rang. 🙂

  3. Khozema Kazi, AHC/FDAI says:

    Sure they answer the door bell and welcome you in for the demo. That’s Indian tradition. BTW, these types of doors have nothing to do with our profession – safely securing the built environment. They are for connoisseurs to evaluate works of art on the basis of aesthetic conclusions.

  4. Vincent says:

    Where is the door stop?

  5. Eric says:

    Do you have the number for the designer? I’d like to place my order for two of them to put in my house. Probably worth as much as my entire home. LOL.

  6. Young says:

    Now I see this wonderful door…
    Have you visited the house? I wonder if the door has a door closer.

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