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Mar 01 2012

Reducing Risk of Violence in Schools

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With 3 young kids in school and spending a fair amount of time in school buildings, school shootings hit very close to home for me.  The most recent shootings in Chardon, Ohio resulting in the death of 3 students are just so senseless and tragic.  The raw pain of the victims’ parents is excruciating to watch.

I received this email from ASIS today, and I plan to tune in for the webinar tomorrow.  I thought some of you might be interested too.

Given the recent school tragedy in Ohio, ASIS is offering a 60-minute webinar entitled Reducing Risk of Violence in Schools, on Friday, March 2, at noon ET. Paul Timm, PSP, a nationally acclaimed expert in school security, will present a practical and holistic approach to reducing the risk of school violence. The goals are to provide clarification of the issues that lead up to violent acts and to outline the first steps in creating an intervention program.

Secure Schools is an issue affecting all of us. I encourage you to send the link to any school leader for whom you have an email address. Every school and community needs to be taking action. Use your member ID to register at the member rate, and view this event with your school principal or superintendent.

It is never too late to learn how to implement specific strategies and access vital resources. ASIS hopes that you will join on Friday for this valuable program. Register now.

UPDATE:  This webinar has passed but is available on CD.

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  1. Gretchen Knoblock says:

    Will this be offered as a stand alone webinar that we can pass along to our school contacts?


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