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Jul 12 2011

The Ultimate Test

Category: Panic Hardware,VideosLori @ 9:12 pm Comments (5)

I got a Tweet today from @GinnyPowell, who was attending a Von Duprin training.  She was surprised that the fire truck video is still around, and once she mentioned it I just had to go back and watch it again.  It’s a classic!  I love the fire test engineer…”I am now checking the device…”  I wonder who came up with this idea.

5 Responses to “The Ultimate Test”

  1. Rachel Smith says:

    Is this called running over your competition? I have never seen this video before, quite something!!

    • Lori says:

      You’ve never seen it?? It’s been around for decades, but that was back before the days of YouTube and social media. You actually had to sit with a Von Duprin person face-to-face.

  2. Jess says:

    Hello Lori and Rachel Smith, I seen this video on youtube about 6 months to a year ago, it seems to really show the strength of a Von Duprin panic exit device in comparison to some of the others (many were non-IR products)

    I mean who in real life would run over the push bar or more less PARK A FIRETRUCK ON IT?? just shows the quality of the device and the punishment it can put up with.

    now I just hope LCN is not planning on running over any of their CLOSERS I mean a cast iron and steel closer probably could put up with a firetruck (because of how the body is made, and can support the weight on the mounting surface) but that can look bad if damage did happen (truck too heavy or something happened bad in the test)

    Lori, are those LCN 4040XP’s at LCN still doing the cycle testing on those that passed the 2 million cycle mark??

    im sure if I ever met someone at LCN face to face im sure I would be hired on-the-spot at the factory or something having to do with rebuilding or R&D area (no, I have not yet made my “hajj” to the “mecca” of closers. (princeton, IL)

    -Jess the door (closer)doctor

  3. Debbie Davis says:

    Hello Lori, Been watching your posts. Love it. This old video was just discussed with some of us who used it back in the early 90’s. Funny it came up, we were going to locate it to view. You never know what piece of marketing will become a classic.


  4. Brad Keyes says:

    Wow… I’m going to specify a Von Duprin model 99 for all hospital applications where fire trucks drive up the side of the doors.

    The Von Duprin model can withstand the blunt force of a fire truck, but can it withstand the repeated blows and damage that a 95 lb. Environmental Services worker with a squeeky housekeeping cart can inflict? Hmmm… We need to see a side-by-side comparison test: a 16 year-old fire truck vs. a 59 year-old housekeeper! My money is on the housekeeper.

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