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Jun 02 2011

Reader Photos

All of today’s reader photos came from my compañeros at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies:

From Tim Weller, a door which requires 3 motions (and a key!) to exit…a knob, an exit alarm, and a key-operated deadbolt.  If this is a required means of egress, the codes require a single motion and no prior knowledge to exit.

From Greg Thomson, someone’s creative solution for a backset that was a little too tight (not recommended!):

From James Stokes, a Von Duprin 22 device mounted on a gate (this one’s obviously to keep honest people honest):

And from Andy Buse, a delayed egress door with a Von Duprin Chexit and the proper signage (the codes don’t require a sign quite that big), and if you look very closely, a tiny surface bolt at the upper corner.  Why go to such efforts to install a code-compliant solution, and then slap on a rinky-dink surface bolt??

Thanks everyone!  I only have a few left in my inbox, so keep them coming!!

One Response to “Reader Photos”

  1. Jess says:

    as for the pushbar with the cut out for the backset, look slike a pinched finger waiting to happen, have you or Greg said anything to the building owner this is mounted on??

    hehehe cute little gate with the von duprin #22 exit device, looks like this is and will be only time i see COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL hardware on one door or gate (take note of the closer……its designed for a SCREEN DOOR not a safety gate, but well, least it’s up to code, and safety first!.

    as for the little slide latch bolt, when I went camping I took a metal detector, I found one of these latch bolts on the campsite, I didn’t bring it home because I suspect someone stole my shorts that I put it in.

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