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Jun 14 2011

Door to Nowhere

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This photo of a door in a city hall came from another blog, A Firefighter’s Own Worst Enemy.  The blog is written by Jason Hoevelmann, a Deputy Fire Chief / Fire Marshal with the Sullivan Protection District.  Jason and the firefighters who frequent his site have a totally different perspective on doors than we do, but it’s really interesting to read.  Firefighters need to be able to get through a door during a fire, and do it safely.  Imagine a firefighter with limited visibility forcing this door open from the other side.  The results could be tragic.

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Photo by Jason Hoevelmann.

One Response to “Door to Nowhere”

  1. Bob Caron says:

    Very interesting blog there. We always say that if someone is determined to get it, they’re going to get in. I just haven’t spent a whole lot of time figuring out how they are going to get in. The most interesting forceable entry I witnessed was on a steel door that has a spot welded seam where the two door skins meet in the center of the vertical edge. Someone with a pry bar was able to split the seam towards the bottom of the door and peel the outside corner out and pushed the inside face in. They then just crawled in through the triangular opening.

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