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Feb 07 2011

More Doors After Fires

Category: FDAI,Fire DoorsLori @ 1:23 am Comments (6)

Judging from the photos, these doors may not have been code-compliant, but they were still able to hinder the spread of smoke and fire, at least to some extent.  That does not mean that any old non-compliant door will be fine so we might as well stop worrying about them…one of the biggest issues with fire doors is finding them propped open with a wedge or a more creative device.  If the doors are open, they’re worthless.

These photos are posted with permission from David Townsend:

These photos are posted with permission from a firefighter in Edinburgh, Scotland, Flickr name: Jamie.184:

If you like photos of doors that have helped protect buildings and building occupants, leave a comment and let me know!  I have more!  🙂

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6 Responses to “More Doors After Fires”

  1. Ann Burns says:

    Bring ’em on !!

  2. JimWhite, AHC/CDc says:

    Hi Lori

    I enjoy all of the photos you post, but I especially enjoy these sucessful fire door photos. The old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very appropiate for these situations. I would like to see some photos of fire demage as the result of a good fire door being proped open or a bad fire door failing. To show someone photos like that and comparing the damage caused by each situation would speak volumes for the need for compliant fire doors.


  3. Mary says:


    I love your site and I really enjoy seeing the fire door pics! It really puts things into perspective. I wish all building owners would take a good look at them. Maybe it would help them understand the need for properly functioning fire doors. Keep up the good work, it certainly is appreciated!


  4. Charles says:

    Wait a minute where are the super bowl door pictures?????

  5. Dale Long AHC says:

    I enjoy seeing your pictures and comments. I would be interested in additional pictures of fire aftermath. I have some interesting pictures I’ll send to you


  6. Kent Krauser, AHC, FDAI says:

    YES! These burn pictures help drive the importance of fire doors and correct fire door hardware keeping the fire compartmentalized! Keep ’em coming!

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