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Dec 21 2010

A Little Housekeeping

Category: General InfoLori @ 12:03 pm Comments (3)

I’m working on a post for tomorrow that will solve another hardware mystery (regarding closers on classroom doors), but in the meantime, a couple of housekeeping issues…

You may have noticed that a “HELP” button was added in the header a while back.  If you have a question, I’d really appreciate it if you could use this button to call for help.  I know everyone is used to emailing me, calling me, stopping by, flagging down my car, or any of the various other ways of getting my attention, but if you use the Help button it’s easier for me to keep track of requests that come via the blog.  It’s tough to show the value of social media and blogging but I think this site has become a valuable resource, and maintaining the records of help requests will illustrate that.  The Help button currently goes straight to me so just think of it as the Batphone.  Maybe I should change the image.  🙂

If you don’t have a specific request, but you want to chime in on a discussion or you just have something you want to get off your chest, you can leave a comment on any post or on the “About Me” page if you just want to show me some love or make a suggestion.  All of the comments come to me for moderation before they are visible on the site.  I love reading them!

There are lots of ways to engage with me and the blog, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but if you REALLY want to make sure that you never miss anything, you can subscribe to be notified of new posts via email (the link is in the sidebar).  You won’t have to remember to check and see if there’s anything new…you’ll get an email as soon as the new post is published.  I’d love to increase the number of subscribers because this is another way to measure the level of engagement with the blog.  If you are a manager and would like to subscribe your team to receive these notifications, you can just send me an email with a list of email addresses and I can subscribe them for you.  If you have already subscribed but are not receiving notifications, check your “spam” or “junk” folder.

I really appreciate all of the emails, comments, and interaction from all of you, so THANK YOU and Happy Holidays!!

And here’s your gift:  🙂

Thank you to Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems Ltd for sending me this special surprise!

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3 Responses to “A Little Housekeeping”

  1. Rachel Smith says:

    FYI — all of your notices of new posts were going into my spam folder, even when I indicated it was NOT spam … my system just couldn’t be trained. I finally set up a filter to not put it into the spam box, and it worked. (Yeah) and I don’t need to keep checking my spam folder. Thanks for all your posts.

  2. Jess says:

    Hello Lori,

    my notifications arrive as new mail (main folder in email)

    looking forward to the classroom closers post,

    I’m sure if there’s pictures I have seen the installs at least once or more then once in my lifetime, if the classroom ones are from the capital of NJ, it was probably something I did in high school

    I sure wish I had a digital camera back when in was in high school, I had one to repair one day and I found an arm nut (LCN eda arm, the large hex bolt that joins the fore and main arms together) so the next day i return to not find the nut to reconnect his closer’s arm to the frame soffit shoe, so annoyed with the janitor stealing the hardware, I took problem into my own hands, i went to technical school for a few hours and returned with a 3 or 4 inch long industrial bolt, about 30 thick washers and a nut and reconnected the arm with the washers stacked on top of the soffit plate so they would not be in the way and hit someone’s head while door was opening or closing, how I wish I had a camera, it looked like some vintage pre-hydraulic closer setup of an arm going on because of the large bolt and washers resembling the torsion spring found on very old screen door closers.

    reason for this was all a matter that I got annoyed with the janitor stealing bolts and nuts out of teacher desks, and I got annoyed with seeing the closer disconnected and its arm taped together (I know, posted about DIY in the classroom and LCN does not recommend non-LCN parts, but closer worked when I was done, teacher was happier then a kid in a candy store when I was done with it. (all goes to show that the maintenance crew there knew nothing about them or didn’t care at all about doing annual preventative maintenance on the doors/closers since I got annoyed with the “abandoned look” of them, I pretty much well, became the door(closer)doctor and that was were I got my on and offline nickname from, because I was a student at the school and when not doing classwork, I was fixing someone’s door who got alittle too tired of waiting for maintenance to do it.

    closer was an LCN 4040 (dark gray standard edition, made in 1990’s)

    as for the pictures on the post, looks like that (non-IR) closer on pull side that DIY bracket, too far away from the door, have they tried a push side install and use a PA arm bracket??? or maybe a longer main arm or shorter forearm??

    mag holder bracket, looks like someone got creative with an erector set, I give the person creativity on that one, but that don’t mean it will pass the fire code.

    -Jess the door(closer)doctor

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