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Aug 11 2010

FDAI Specification – Revised

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A while back, I posted some recommended specification language regarding the annual inspection of fire and egress door assemblies, and I have since revised it based on everyone’s comments.  The original language and comments are still here, and the updated language is below.  This should be inserted into the hardware specification for projects designed to comply with the 2009 edition of the IBC, or in jurisdictions which require compliance with NFPA 80-2007 or 2010.  Feel free to comment if you have suggestions for improvements.

Section 08 71 00 – Door Hardware, Part 1 – General, insert in Paragraph 1.XX:  Submittals:

Fire Door Assembly Inspection and Testing:  Submit a written report of the results of functional testing and inspection for fire door assemblies, in compliance with NFPA 80-2007 requirements.  Written report shall be provided to the Owner to be made available to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).  Report shall include the door number for each fire door assembly, door location, door and frame material, fire rating, and summary of deficiencies.

Section 08 71 00 – Door Hardware, Part 3 – Execution, insert in Paragraph 3.XX:  Field Inspections:

Fire Door Assembly Inspection and Testing:  Provide functional testing and inspection of fire door assemblies in accordance with NFPA 80-2007/2010.  Inspections shall be performed by individuals certified by Intertek as a Fire Door Assembly Inspector, using reporting forms provided by the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI).  Alternatively, inspections may be performed by individuals acceptable to the Architect, who have knowledge and understanding of the operating components of the applicable door type, and who have experience in preparing written reports of testing and inspection results.

1.   Schedule fire door assembly inspection within 90 days of Substantial Completion of the Project.

2.   Submit a signed, written final report as specified in Paragraph 1.XX:  Submittals.

3.  Contractor shall correct all deficiencies and schedule a reinspection of fire door assemblies which were noted as deficient on the inspection report.

4.   Inspector shall reinspect fire door assemblies after repairs are made.

5.  Additional reinspections which are required due to incomplete repairs will be performed by the inspector at the expense of the Contractor.

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2 Responses to “FDAI Specification – Revised”

  1. Dave Saltmarsh says:

    Lori, DHI sponsors the Inspection Courses. Specifically identifying Intertek conflicts with the process. When I took the DHI course in Albany, I believe Intertek wanted substantial money to be certified by them, perhaps because they possibly sponsored or under-wrote the program. The training and criteria is set up and done by DHI; certification should be through DHI.

    • Lori says:

      Hi Dave –

      Some inspectors will want/need the Intertek certification and pay the annual fees to have it. Many inspectors will not join the Intertek program and the DHI education will be enough. DHI does offer a certification for completing the class – FDAI. Going forward it will depend on what the AHJs are looking for in regard to certification or training, and some inspectors may use the Intertek certification in their marketing efforts, to establish their level of certification.

      – Lori

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