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Feb 23 2010

Happy Birthday to "I Hate Hardware!"

Category: General InfoLori @ 10:01 am Comments (4)

Happy Birthday to!!One year ago today I wrote the first post on this blog, regarding panic hardware on electric rooms.  I don’t remember why I chose that topic for my first post,  but I tried to post answers to some of the most commonly asked questions before I introduced the site to anyone.  Since then I have published 217 posts!

My original plan for the site was to store a bunch of code information in a searchable database so I could easily find the information for the questions I’ve already answered.  I had no idea that people would come to read whatever random piece of information I decided to post that day.  No pressure!  🙂

I’m so glad people are visiting regularly – I can see from the stats that the site is getting lots of visitors and I can also see what they’re searching for when they arrive.  There’s been some discussion about why the URL is “”  I’m sure everyone knows by now that it’s not because I hate hardware, but because one of our target groups for this site (architects) DOES hate hardware.  Plus was already taken.

I often see people arrive at the site searching “i hate hardware,” but I don’t know if they’re hating door hardware or computer hardware, or whether they just had a bad experience at their local hardware store.  Or maybe they’re searching specifically for my site but they can’t remember the exact name.  The other day I saw someone arrive after searching, “I hate door hardware,” and trying different search terms to find what he was looking for.  He later emailed me with some questions and I was able to help him out.  I was so glad because I felt powerless watching him search in vain!

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, drop me an email.  If you have suggestions or feedback about the site, please leave a comment.  You can also leave links to related information in your comments.  Yesterday, a code official left a link to an article about doors that were chained shut.  I’ve been gathering some of these articles in the “News” section of, so please let me know if you see a related article.

On March 1st I’ll announce the winners of the 1 Year / 100 Countries contest.  I’ll give you until midnight on February 28th to submit your guess by leaving a comment.

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday to "I Hate Hardware!"”

  1. Bill Lawliss says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Bob Caron says:

    Well, it was nice to see that there were some people reading the article on schools with chained doors that had some knowledge of modern hardware. In the comments, they mentioned mag locks and someone hinted at delayed egress or alarmed devices.

  3. Jess says:


    strange, i have always wondered what the oldest post made on the site was..

    i looked up ilovehardware and it turned up to be what i call a web search/filler site, basically a list of search terms relating to hardware (computer and door) clicking on the links in different categories may not land you on the official site of the hardware (as in computer hardware may not land you on tiger direct/compusa, but another website with search terms and fillers.

    i often do wonder what people type in their search bars when they land on some websites (yahoo answers, flickr or or youtube) that i have spilled my knowledge on door closer adjustment on (various manufacturers and types of closers)

    basically 2 people i remember have told me they had to “google like crazy” looking for help for their closer (adjustment or to fix a leaky one)to only find articles that just feature key words that were used in their search term, or if they do find door closer related pages, most technical one they sometimes land on is nedoorcloser (new england door closer) (sales and service) then later find my postings/comments on closer problems and what to do for them.

    i always enjoy receiving an email or PM (if its a message board or some social network site, such as youtube, facebook, flickr) with questions, different people, different walks of life and many times, different questions/brands of closer. sadly, only 2 out of maybe 100 were questions on LCN’s. with all the questions I have got, this all started over a comment I made on a leaky Briton on a Australian’s photo blog ( (Briton is yes, a product of IR, but sold in Europe and Canada and i believe Australian too)

    -I think I choked the server with that long comment, again, happy birthday to


  4. Michele Mahoney says:

    Happy Birthday – now we can have cake!!

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