Because of all the recent news and legislative action regarding the use of barricade devices on classroom doors in schools, I have compiled many school security resources on this page.


Here’s the latest in our series of whiteboard animation videos, which discusses the model code requirements pertaining to classroom security:

The video below covers various options for securing classroom doors, in alignment with the guidelines from the National Association of State Fire Marshals:

The third video addresses the myths and facts surrounding classroom barricade devices presented on behalf of the Door Security & Safety Foundation for the National Association of State Fire Marshals (Powerpoint slides can be downloaded here, and this information was also printed in an article in Doors & Hardware):


Reports on Past School Shootings:

Additional Information:

State Guidelines, Laws, and Code Modifications:

  • Alaska – compliance with 2012 IBC and IFC required – per SFM (03/24/18)
  • Arizona – compliance with 2012 IFC required – per SFM (03/24/18)
  • Arkansas – law which allows barricade devices to be used
  • California – DSA bulletin on classroom door locks (see also AB211, SB316 and AB677)
  • Colorado – code change which allows interim measures until January 1, 2018
  • Connecticut – state fire marshal memo reinforcing current code requirements
  • Florida – DOE memo prohibiting non-code-compliant devices
  • Florida – guidelines which require classroom security locks
  • Illinois – state guidelines that require code-compliant locks and prohibit barricade devices
  • Indiana – guidance for unplanned fire alarms and state requirements for egress
  • Kansas – state fire marshal memo which allows temporary security devices
  • Louisiana – state fire marshal memo which allows one additional operation to unlatch a deadbolt
  • Maryland – state fire marshal memo which requires thumbturn locking and one operation to unlock
  • Massachusetts – advisory on school safety including fire drills, lockdown plans, and classroom security
  • Michigan – memo about latching on fire doors
  • Michigan – article stating that barricade devices are allowed
  • Minnesota – rationale against using barricade devices from the State Fire Marshal
  • Montana – state fire marshal memo reinforcing current code requirements
  • New Hampshire – school safety assessment that requires code-compliant locks
  • New Jersey – keyless locking required, access control on new buildings
  • New Jersey – state law mandating certain security features
  • New Jersey – bulletin which allows some devices but not others
  • New York – bulletin which reinforces current code requirements and recommends classroom security locks
  • North Carolina – adopted 2018 i-Code modifications on classroom security
  • Ohio – bill to override current fire code requirements and allow barricade devices
  • Ohio – advisory statement supporting current code requirements
  • Ohio – Board of Building Standards Classroom Barricade Forum Report
  • Oregon – State Fire Marshal’s bulletin on aftermarket security devices
  • Tennessee – message from the state fire marshal which prohibits non-code-compliant classroom security
  • Utah – law allowing barricade devices when approved by the State Fire Marshal
  • Wisconsin – Department of Safety & Professional Service Q&A prohibiting barricade devices

School Security in the News: