Hey Georgia Chapter members!  Here are links to the resources I mentioned in my presentation.  Thanks for having me!

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Blog posts I mentioned:

ICC Staff Opinion on FDAI
FDAI – New York State
Contest for 1,000th Comment
Exit?  Really??
Leather-Wrapped Doors
Wicket Doors
Frog on Lever
More Doors After Fires
Apartment Building Fire Video
Ultimate Dog Tease Video
Shear Lock Video
Panic Device on Inswinging Door Video
Small World – Concealed Closer Exposed
Semi-Concealed Closers in the Dead Sea
9 Out of 10 Birds Prefer LCN
Temperature Rise Doors (hinged on bottom)
<90 Degrees

And here’s an interesting video on Social Media ROI:

Video: Social Media ROI: Socialnomics