On this pair, both leaves are active because the Schlage LM9200 multi-point lock was used on each leaf.

On some pairs of doors, both leaves are active.  Examples of this would be a pair with push/pull hardware, panic hardware, or active levers on both doors.  When a pair has flush bolts on one leaf and a lockset/latchset on the other leaf, the door with the flush bolts is called the inactive leaf, and the door with the lockset/latchset is the active leaf.

There are several code requirements that apply to an inactive leaf with flush bolts.  Egress requirements address the type of bolts that are allowed, depending on the location served by the pair of doors.  The accessibility standards may affect hardware selection, because manual flush bolts are not typically mounted within the accessible mounting height.  And most fire doors are required to have positive latching, as well as non-rated corridor doors in health-care facilities.  These doors are usually required to have automatic or constant-latching flush bolts, as well as a coordinator.

This Decoded article covers the code requirements pertaining to flush bolts and coordinators, and this blog post addresses the use of manual flush bolts on pairs of fire doors.

If you need a refresher on the different types of flush bolts, the video below is an introduction to flush bolts and coordinators.

After reviewing these materials, proceed to the review questions below.


Review Questions

1. In the 2021 edition of the Building Code (IBC), what is the name of the section that addresses flush bolts?

  1. Flush bolts and coordinators
  2. Bolt locks
  3. Hardware for pairs
  4. Inactive-leaf hardware

2. According to the IBC, where would manual flush bolts be allowed on a non-fire-rated door?

  1. A dentist’s office (Use Group B-business) with an occupant load of 20
  2. A high school classroom (Use Group E-educational) with an occupant load of 60
  3. A patient room in a hospital corridor (Use Group I-2-institutional) with an occupant load of 5
  4. All of the above

3. When automatic flush bolts are installed, what other hardware may be mounted on the inactive leaf?

  1. Dummy lever
  2. Panic hardware
  3. Push bar
  4. None of the above

Answers: 1 – B, 2 – A, 3 – D