Lt. Hendry was named an expert consultant to the Ohio Department of Homeland Security for civilian response to Active Shooter Incidents.  He was named a subject matter expert in Active Threat Response by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.  Lt. Hendry assisted in the development of the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy course, “Single Officer Response to Active Threats”.

Lt. Hendry, who earned a B.A. in Telecommunications, is a 27-year veteran of the Kent State University Police Department.  He is also a graduate of the Ohio Police Chiefs Association’s “Executive Leadership College” and the “Ohio Certified Law Enforcement Executive” Program.  Lt Hendry is 6-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He retired from Kent State in 2016.

He is ASIS International board certified as a Physical Security Professional (PSP). The Physical Security Professional (PSP) credential provides demonstrable knowledge and experience in threat assessment and risk analysis; integrated physical security systems; and the appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures.

Lt. Hendry is a certified instructor for law enforcement in Solo-Engagement Tactics, Active Shooter Response, Preventing and Responding to Suicide Bombing Incidents, and Tactical Chemical Weapons.  He served as a member of a multi-agency SWAT team, and was an Intelligence Liaison Officer with the Ohio Department of Homeland Security. He is a trained Crisis Intervention Team Officer in dealing with mental health issues.

Lt Hendry is a much-traveled and much-in-demand national instructor for the “ALICE Training Institute” in teaching A.L.I.C.E. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate).  He has presented at the International Conference of Crisis Intervention Teams and was a guest presenter for three consecutive years for the Ohio Homeland Security Law Enforcement Planning Retreats. He has trained staff and students and consulted on security plans for Pre-Schools, K-12, Universities, Hospitals, Libraries, MRDD Facilities, Business and Industry.

He also developed for Rhodes State College an eight hour training course for unarmed security response to crisis events.  The course development was financed by the U.S. Department of Justice. He has instructed the course since 2013. In 2014, Campus Safety Magazine selected his article “Physical Security: Are We Protecting People or Trapping Them?”  the top Security/ Technology article of the year. In 2015, Campus Safety Magazine again selected one of his articles “Why We don’t have the Destroy the Fire Code to Save Lockdowns” as the top K-12 article of the year.

In 2013, he was selected by the Ohio Department of Homeland Security to deliver the State Law Enforcement Unclassified Briefing on “Active Shooter: The Evolution of Law Enforcement and Civilian Response”. In 2014, he was selected as an expert security panelist at the Ohio Homeland Security State Mall Briefing to answer questions related to protecting retail establishments from terrorism and active shooter. In 2015, he was selected as an expert panelist by both the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters and ASIS International to discuss physical security, training and underwriting.

He has been interviewed as an Active Threat Response Expert by Campus Safety magazine, Emergency Management magazine, MD News, National Public Radio and has been published several times.

Lt. Hendry is married and has three children.