DHIThank you for participating in the Decoded course, which I am presenting on behalf of The Door and Hardware Institute. Below, you will find links to information used during the course.  If you need to register for a class, click here.

Independent Study: The information on these pages may be helpful if you are interested in learning more about code development and general code requirements.

  • History and Code Development – history of codes and the tragedies that prompted code changes, a summary of the code development process and the codes and standards used for this course
  • General (but Important) Information – links to information on codes vs. standards, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, means of egress, egress width, and travel distance

Class Information:

The pages linked below include additional materials and links to more information, practice exercises, and the presentation in PDF format.

Continuing Education:

Each class will be recorded and available online to DHI members in case you have a scheduling conflict. The course provides continuing education credits for the DHI CEP program – 5 points per class.