CFSThank you for participating in the Decoded course, which I am presenting on behalf of The Center for Campus Fire Safety.  Below, you will find links to information used during the course.

Evaluation: Please fill out the evaluation form for this course (1 form for any/all of the 4 classes + study materials).

Independent Study: The information on these pages may be helpful if you are interested in learning more about code development and general code requirements.

  • History and Code Development – history of codes and the tragedies that prompted code changes, a summary of the code development process and the codes and standards used for this course
  • General (but Important) Information – links to information on codes vs. standards, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, means of egress, egress width, and travel distance

Class Information:

The pages linked below include additional materials and links to more information, as well as the recording of the class, and the presentation in PDF format.

Continuing Education:

Each class will be recorded and available online in case you have a scheduling conflict.  The course provides continuing education credits for AIA (a total of 4 HSW points) and DHI (a total of 8 CEP points).

In order to receive a certificate for continuing education credits, you must complete a short quiz which covers the material for each class.  

The information presented in this course may serve as a refresher to help you to prepare for the Door & Hardware Institute’s COR140 challenge exam.  If you are planning to take this exam, you should read all of the information and complete all of the exercises included on the linked pages. To register for the DHI COR140 challenge exam, click here to access the DHI website.