Doors and Frames
Hollow Metal Doors & Frames Steelcraft Tech Data Manual

ARCAT Spec Wizard

BIM Element Families

Architectural Hinges, Continuous Hinges, and Pivots Ives Hinges & Pivots
Flush Bolts & Coordinators Ives Flush Bolts & Coordinators
Door Pulls & Plates Ives Pulls & Plates
Latches, Catches, and Bolts Ives Latches, Catches, & Bolts
Wall and Floor Stops, Bumpers, Silencers Ives Stops
Overhead Stops Glynn Johnson Overhead Stops
Hooks & Brackets Ives Miscellaneous Hardware
Mail Slots, Viewers, Knockers, and Latch Guards Ives Exterior Hardware
Cabinet & Closet Knobs & Pulls Ives Cabinet/Closet Knobs & Pulls
Rescue Hardware Ives Rescue Hardware
Grade 1 Mortise Locks Schlage L Series Falcon MA Series
Grade 1 Cylindrical Schlage ND Series Falcon T Series
Grade 2 Cylindrical Schlage AL Series Falcon B Series
Grade 1 Hospital Latches Glynn Johnson HL-6
Key Systems Schlage Key Systems
Exit Devices
Conventional Push-Pad Type Devices (Wide Stile) Von Duprin 98/99 Falcon 24/25
Conventional Push-Pad Type Devices (Narrow Stile) Von Duprin 33/35
Traditional Cross-Bar Type Devices (Wide Stile) Von Duprin 88 Falcon XX
Traditional Cross-Bar Type Devices (Narrow Stile) Von Duprin 55
Recess-Mounted Panic Devices Von Duprin 94/95 Falcon 2390
Door Closers
Institutional Grade LCN 4000 Series Falcon SC71
Commercial Grade LCN 1000 Series Falcon SC81
Automatic Operators
Pneumatic Type Operators (Uses no Electricity) LCN Pneumatics
Electro-Hydraulic Operators LCN Electro-Hydraulic
Electro-Mechanical Operators LCN Electro-Mechanical
Actuators LCN Actuators
Electronic Hardware
Schlage Electronics Hardware Including:Electronic Locks, Power Supplies, Card Readers,Keypads, Magnetic Locks, & System Accessories Schlage Access Control Catalog
Other Guides
BAA / ARRA Product Guide

Fire & Life Safety Code Reference Guide

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