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Nov 03 2017

FF: Alternative Closer Mounting

Category: Door Closers,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 12:46 am Comments (7)

Any bets on how long this installation will last? Thank you to Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems for this Fixed-it Friday photo.

7 Responses to “FF: Alternative Closer Mounting”

  1. Pete Schifferli says:

    Sad, I don’t think that is even metal hanger strap; looks like plastic. A competent carpenter or locksmith could have permanently and attractively mounted that top jamb mounted closer body before if falls on the head of a passer-by, as it surely will!

  2. Daniel Poehler says:

    Closers are heavy. I’d be very concerned about this closer falling and beaning someone in the face or head.

  3. Chuck Park says:

    Actually pretty handy if you want adjustability to go from a 110* opening to a 180* opening and back again.

  4. Zac Earle says:

    Nailed It!

  5. Tony Boatman says:

    Can not believe they didn’t paint the Special Brackets to match!

  6. Joel Niemi says:

    don’t you just hate it when they cheap out and don’t buy color-coordinated plumbers’ tape?

  7. Ken Davis says:

    Looks like a yale 3500 series, they could done P.A. mount with soffit bracket and drop plate

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