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Oct 25 2017

WW: Protection Plates (protection from what?)

Category: Protection Plates,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:53 am Comments (19)

I received this Wordless Wednesday photo from both Estefano Pilonieta and Rossen Marinov, so I’m sharing it with the rest of the iDigHardware world (originally posted on Reddit).

Yes boss, I installed The new bathroom doors. from NotMyJob

19 Responses to “WW: Protection Plates (protection from what?)”

  1. Cda says:

    The plans were upside down, when they went to install the plates

  2. lach says:

    Perhaps a pre-install gone wrong?

  3. Laura Pedersen says:

    Take those doors off, flip them 180 degrees, reverse the latches, and swap them into each other’s openings. Fixed!

  4. Tom Breese says:

    Great joke! β€” it’s gotta be deliberate, the doors are pre-machined to be non-handed…easily swapped.

  5. Anthony Wan says:

    The women’s and men’s restroom door got switched since they both swing different direction. The installer must not have a lot of experience.

  6. Eric Rieckers says:

    The installer installed them on the wrong end/side of the door and never corrected the problem.

  7. Curtis Meskus says:

    the plates are in the correct location, it is the lockset and hing prep that is incorrect

  8. Robert Spicher says:

    Door slabs installed in the wrong frames.

  9. Linda Scott says:

    I agree that it is probably a pre-install but I think the problem is that the doors have been installed upside down!?! It is hard to tell for sure but it looks like they may be 6’8″ doors that have the same hinge location at the top and the bottom with the lock in the center. If you flip them, the kickplate is on the bottom of the door on the push side.

  10. H. Michael Hill says:

    The doors are reversed. The mens was to go on the womens and vis-a-vi.

  11. Tim S says:

    I see what might be evidence of a standard closer arm in the face of that near frame…this might just be a clever way to hide the corresponding marks on the door. πŸ˜€

  12. Ian Greene says:

    That wouldn’t look that bad if there were a couple more on there. Ha ha

  13. Glenn Younger says:

    Not having an opening or door number is a really common mistake made on smaller TI jobs on commercial office buildings. One door # off and you get this.

  14. BD says:

    This don’t happen to have PA closers do they?

  15. Charles Noble says:

    This door is a reversible swing door, 6-8 height, that has been hung upside down. Some day installers will be accountable for their workmanship or lack of workmanship.

  16. Michael W Schroeder says:

    Gravity is just a theory.

  17. Richard McKie says:

    I machined a loose door for a mortise lock once, not realizing it was upside down. Once! πŸ™‚

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