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Apr 14 2017

FF: Mexican Style

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As many of you know, I live in a colonial town in central Mexico (if you have questions, I answered some of them here).  I see A LOT of Fixed-it Friday applications around town, because things are often repaired numerous times rather than replaced (which I love).  I’ve posted a few FF photos below, but first a little mom-story…

I have 3 kids, and one (Aliya) is 15.  Aliya’s science class has been studying how science affects design, and their assignment was to come up with a design change that would improve their school.  My kids all go to a small school – about 60 kids, in a building that used to be a Mexican-style home…classrooms surrounding a courtyard.

I was not surprised when Aliya focused on the doors in the school – obviously, she has been hearing about doors for her entire life.  Some of the classroom doors can be locked from the inside with no access from the courtyard.  The main entrance swings into the building and has a string dangling outside that you use for access – the last person to leave at night pulls the string through the hole so it is not accessible from the outside.  This door also has a double-cylinder lock and is the only egress door in the school – the school is surrounded on 3 sides by homes and businesses.

I know some of you are wondering how I could let my kids go to school in a place with insufficient egress, no fire protection, and string-based security.  Well, we live in Mexico.  Things are different here.  Regardless, for Aliya’s science project she took on improving the safety and security of her school.  She read articles, studied the code requirements, researched products, and interviewed experts (including me).  She proposed the addition of a fire door, code-compliant locks for the classrooms, and devised a way to add a second means of egress through the restaurant next door, which is actually a food truck surrounded by tables under a giant jacaranda tree.

When she tackled the main entrance, she decided to swing the door out and add panic hardware, but learned during a lunch interview with one of our friends (AKA Mexico zoning consultant) that the door could not swing directly onto the sidewalk.  Aliya considered creating an alcove, but our friend told her that when there is an alcove, it invites “mischief.”  This is the part that cracks me up.  In her final project, Aliya addressed this problem by stating, “Because an alcove will create a protected area that may be prone to mischief, I am proposing to add a small shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe within the alcove.”  Our Lady of Guadalupe is revered in Mexico and people seem less likely to misbehave in the presence of her image.

I’m thinking I need to talk to HR about making Aliya part of my succession plan.  She’s already showing promise – and she’s bilingual!  😀

Note:  This is the same kid who wrote the story about the 3 bears with the insufficient egress door.


Although they aren’t door-related, these are the photos that prompted this Mexican Fixed-it Friday post.  Pre-planning isn’t always a common practice.


As I was scrolling through my camera roll, I found some other Fixed-it Friday candidates…

I saw these on my walk to lunch today:


This is the main entrance and exit at one of our favorite restaurants in town:

And the restroom door in another restaurant (note the closer adjustment – this is obviously a size 2):

Here’s another restroom door where a problem has been “fixed”…this is one of the swankiest joints in town:

The problem:

The solution:

And you can imagine my excitement when I saw an LCN closer and a Schlage lock on this restroom door!


If you like these photos, let me know!  I have a lot more so maybe I will have to make this a 2-part series!  Happy Friday!

8 Responses to “FF: Mexican Style”

  1. Cda says:

    Happy Easter

    Seeing holidays in other countries is amazing sometimes!!

    • Lori says:

      The Easter / Semana Santa traditions here are amazing to witness, and are spread over 2+ weeks. There are so many pilgrimages and processions, reenactments, and yesterday was the day that many people line up to visit 7 different churches. On Easter Sunday, about 40 larger-than-life-sized figures will be dangled above the main square and exploded one by one. Then the kids all run underneath and try to grab the body parts. Viva Mexico! 🙂

      – Lori

  2. Shane says:

    That Quest closer was a lovely piece of work/art. Solid cast iron; would never want to lug a case of them up to the 12th floor!

  3. Glenn Younger says:

    Love it, and love the fact your daughter is taking up the cause!


    Wow Lori it was even​ installed correctly

  5. H. M. KANG says:

    Wow! Space closer! Long time no see!

  6. Barb says:

    Got a chuckle regarding your “size two closer” comment

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