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Jan 09 2017

Quizlet: Occupancy Classifications and Hazard of Contents – NFPA 101

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In a couple of weeks I’m hosting a code class in our Carmel office, and I want to make sure the attendees are familiar with occupancy classifications and use groups before they arrive. So I decided to try something new – a program called Quizlet, which allows me to create study materials and a test on whatever topic I want to teach about. I started with the NFPA 101 occupancy classifications (the IBC use groups are here), and embedded below are 3 tools to help learn about them.

1) Flashcards – The definition of the occupancy classification or hazard of contents is on one side – click the flash card to see the other side which has the term. To see the next card, click the blue arrow at the bottom. You can click play on the left to play the cards through automatically, but it goes pretty fast. If you’d like a computerized voice (it’s not me!) to read the card to you, click the speaker icon in the top right.

2) Match – Drag the term to the corresponding definition (or the definition to the term) and they will disappear if you match the correct items. This game only shows a portion of the occupancy classifications at one time, so you need to play a few times to see them all.  This works best on a laptop or desktop rather than a mobile device.

3) Test – Take the test and see how well you’ve mastered the occupancy classifications and hazard of contents terminology! I’d love to hear any feedback so I can make changes if necessary. NOTE: I set the test up as a matching type test, but sometimes it defaults back to a test with assorted types of questions.  If the test in your browser does not say “18 Matching Questions” at the top, I would recommend clicking the blue Options box on the left, checking just the box for Matching, and then click on create new test.  If you choose to answer the written questions instead of switching to matching, it is looking for the complete term – for example, “Residential Occupancy” or “Low Hazard Contents.”




12 Responses to “Quizlet: Occupancy Classifications and Hazard of Contents – NFPA 101”

  1. Leo says:

    Great idea!! it’s a fun way to learn!!

  2. Bill Cushman says:

    The cards go way too fast. I barely had time to read them.

    • Lori says:

      Yes – I mentioned in the blog post that if you press play the cards go really fast. I recommend using the blue arrow button so you can read at your own pace and flip the card by clicking on it.

      – Lori

  3. Charlesa says:


    Not sure about the match game.

    May have to try it on a lap top or desk top

  4. cda says:

    The match game works better on a laptop or desk.

    Say hello to Clint Eastwood when you make it to Carmel.

    • Lori says:

      Thanks Charles! I added a note to the blog post about that.

      I’m going to Carmel, Indiana, so I’m not sure whether I’ll run into Clint. 🙂

      – Lori

  5. Hamza Ali says:

    Thanks Lori for your efforts, It was a great way to learn about different occupancy classification. Till now it was all confusion.

  6. Barbara Larson says:

    Thanks. This was FUN!Gotta share.

  7. Kenneth Andridge says:

    Thanks for your creativity. this is a neat and fun way to learn. The matching game will be replayed to lower my time. I was freaked at first when it started counting down before I knew what was going on.

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