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Jan 20 2017

FF: Scheduled Dogging?

I received this photo from Scott Aikenhead – Tech Support for Allegion Canada.  I’ve never seen anything like this and all I can think of is that this contraption is dogging and undogging the panic hardware on a timer or via some sort of reader mounted on the door.

What do you think?  (Do NOT try this at home.)

9 Responses to “FF: Scheduled Dogging?”

  1. Cda says:

    Or there is a push button or motion sensor so a person does not have to push the panic hardware to open the door.

    Early automatic door opener

  2. Rich says:

    This could have been a Wednesday installment too. MacGyver with too much time, a pile of junk and no money? Is it really dogging or is it just depressing the bar to allow access. Push a button from across the room and let someone in? I would guess that it was done by an Aircraft or motorcycle mechanic. (note the anti-vibration tie-wired bolts) There are times when an elec strike will not do the job. Is that a Monarch. It has been sawed off too short for an EL type of modification

  3. lach says:

    I think it could be a custom electric latch retraction.

  4. Misha Burnett says:

    There is a certain perverse genius in this application. That looks like the kind of actuator that is used in HVAC to open and close dampers. Those actuators tend to be very slow, so I’d guess it’s on a timer or other remote activation rather than an access system at the point of entry.

  5. Pete Schifferli says:

    Ugh! Guess they never heard of electric strikes, electric latch retraction or electrified trim; any of which would have nicely suited whatever their application might be in a much less bizarre manner.

  6. Martin Badke says:

    Oh, I do wish for a video of the action.


    Wow I wonder who paid that invoice …
    All that work and effort when proper devices exist for just that purpose. Interesting to say the least. Years ago the Hardware part of plans was referred to as Section 8. Now it’s called Division 8 (my belief has been it was changed, because if you remember the Mash series on TV Klinger was always bucking the system to get out on a Section 8 – in other words he was crazy and would therefore be dismissed from military service). I have often said that about our business in the hardware industry with some of these Crazy Ideas we’ve got to be nuts!!! LOL just a little humor…I know as little as possible.

  8. Chuck Noble, CFPE, CFI-1 says:

    Leave it to the Canadians to do this. I see a patent in the near future!

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