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Jun 15 2016

WW: Guardian Angel Locking System

In Missouri, where the school in this news report is located, there are no state-level fire codes that apply to schools. Cities, counties, or fire districts enforce locally-adopted codes.

17 Responses to “WW: Guardian Angel Locking System”

  1. Mojo says:

    Break glass. Reach through and release hook.

  2. Jon says:

    An armed intruder could easily dislodge the fasteners in the door with a single shotgun round or several from a handgun. Execute a breech and reach via the glass/approved hardware and then begin executing people.

  3. Michael Pedersen says:

    Smash glass. Cut string with knife. Turn inside lever handle. Enter. Assuming the teacher can even work the mechanism under stress.

    Great security. I’m sure it was worth every penny.

  4. Bill C. says:

    Not in my kids school. NO way!

  5. Eric says:

    This is your best Wordless Wednesday yet.

  6. Nitramnaed says:

    Seriously! They just wouldn’t break, or shoot out the glass? This is madness.

  7. John Dalrymple says:

    That’s one of the worst ideas I have seen. The door has to be out-swinging (and most are), but the release of the winch is in no way accessible.

  8. John Larson says:

    Perfect device to protect a shooter holding hostages within a classroom. Will a teacher (or other student) not open the door when a shooter in the hall is holding a student at gunpoint demanding the door be opened or they will shoot that student? Will a teacher be held liable if in the panic they are unable to locate the key and deploy this system? Will this system (door) hold up to the firepower that a gunman brings? False safety.

  9. Julia says:

    So what happens when the teacher is not in the room? Trust me; a LOT of them spend plenty of time out of the classrooms.

  10. JMR says:

    Didn’t those doors have push button locking on the inside? Why do the teachers have to “hold a rope”? If they want to keep an intruder from pulling the door open, why not just install a hasp with a thumb turn to hold the hasp closed?
    Or, since they have to use a key to unlock the cover on the box, why not just install a new lock that has a cylinder on the inside to lock the outside lever? It may be more expensive than the ratcheting contraption, but would be way easier to operate, and would be easier to release if they “need to get out of the classroom in a hurry” (their words). It also allows staff and first responders the ability to get in with a key if this device would be used for some non-emergency purpose.

  11. Jerry Richmond AHC/CDC says:

    Another “gimmick” item blindly received by a fearful and gullible public as “the answer”.

  12. Jeff Tock says:

    In less time than it took to unlock, unroll, loop, and tighten, they could have locked the outside lever from the inside with a classroom security function lock. I, too, am speechless!

  13. Marcus Muirhead says:

    What happened to “one hand, no prior knowledge”?

  14. David Federico says:

    Once again I am amazed at how (necessity is the Mother of Invention ). However how well thought of its application ,its a complicated unit. That once again shows how instead of calling in the right people we will attempt to save money and try this …. How much is a Child’s life Worth these days? … Do they not know that Intruder locks are available to fit almost every door style and lock configuration? .. Or is it just I don’t want to spend that much. How much is this employee making off this . what about Liability Issues . Do they understand that while in the employ of the school system their invention becomes theirs (Schools) property unless terms are created to prevent this. .. I for one when faced with a Crazed Gunman ( are there any other kind)running down my school’s hallway, don’t want to be looking for a key and socket wrench to lock my door.

  15. Chuck Park says:

    He actually said “In the event of n emergency, you can get right out of the classroom” AFTER pulling on the cable to take the pressure off of the release lever, hitting the release lever, and then unhooking the cable and pulling it away from the door. Unbelievable!

  16. Tom Chin says:

    Who’s gonna have the key to open that box and have a ratchet handy to lock it down?
    They should have a hand turn knob to tighten that down.
    What about the untested plant on if it was rated?
    Vision looks like it was added after so what’s the point?

    Public is so fearful of everything,
    like the morning panic on a NYC subway because someone popped some bubble wrap or a plastic bottle on a train and thought it was a shooting the other day.

    I’m at a loss

  17. Joe Hendry says:

    We are not going to “gimmick” our way out of the problem with lockdown.

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