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Jun 03 2016

FF: Access Control Alternative

Today’s Fixed-it Friday photo was sent by Andy Lindenberg of Allegion.  According to Andy, this lock is on the exterior door of a school’s bus garage.  Inside the “bag” is a stack of large washers, and when it is attached to the lever it allows the bus drivers to enter the garage without using the card reader.  Even though it’s Friday, I’m Wordless.

Access Control Alternative

9 Responses to “FF: Access Control Alternative”

  1. Cda says:

    All that work when a simple piece of gorilla tape on the latch works great

  2. Glenn says:

    Most folks doing access control have never done a keying conference. An underappriced skill. It leads to workarounds like this.

  3. RIck Nemec says:

    So many ways to render access control useless.

  4. Mike Elia says:

    Like the Gorilla tape idea… That or duct tape would have worked just as well and not been as visible… LOL

  5. Rich says:

    They were weighing their options and chose this hold down feature. Remove gravity to lock door. Low budget fusible link.

  6. Eric Henken says:

    My thoughts exactly if it’s a paper bag. Paper burns, washers fall door latches.

  7. Tom Breese says:

    A decent access control system would register this condition as a breach and go into an alarm condition; this opening needs a functioning internal request-to-exit switch plus a door position switch.

  8. Jim ELder says:

    This is the reason why LBMs are used with a DPS

  9. Bryan says:

    I like to place a piece of magnetic sign material over the strike. Also the refrigerator magnet advertising thingies they put on the Century Link phone book covers work well.

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