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Feb 12 2016

FF: Day Care Stair

Category: Fire Doors,Fixed-it Friday,Panic HardwareLori @ 12:42 am Comments (8)

This Fixed-it Friday photo could easily cross over into Wordless Wednesday territory…a fire-rated stairwell door in a day care center, where the installer obviously had an accident (or noticed a factory error) that he didn’t think was important enough to address.  :-<

Day Care Stair  Day Care Stair 1

Thank you to Michael Gersht of AECOM for the photos!

8 Responses to “FF: Day Care Stair”

  1. Austin B says:

    Ha, maybe it’s a peep hole for kids so they can’t hit anybody with the door as they enter the stairwell!

  2. Jack Ostergaard says:

    When they replace the door they can replace the wired glass

  3. John Burger says:

    Its a “key hole”… an auto opening tool or stiff wire bent at 90 degrees will work just fine from the outside!

  4. Terry Crump says:

    To be fair to the installer…that mistake could have been made in the hollow metal shop. (They shouldn’t be prepping the door for an exit device in the field.)

    • Lori says:

      That is true – it could have happened in the hollow metal shop but it should still be addressed when the problem is discovered.

      – Lori

  5. Joanne G. says:

    Also, when they replace the door, they can order one with the lite at the ADA-required height of not more than 43 inches to the bottom. That will also give some of the kids (not the tiniest ones, though) a better chance of seeing whether there is someone on the opposite side of the door.

  6. Charlie Collins says:

    Or maybe, Curries prepped the door incorrectly….

  7. Richard Bisson says:

    It is incumbent on the last installer/technician to address the opening hardware and issues entirely. kits are available, blank ansi strike plates, blank latch prep covers, hole covers , that maintain the fire integrity of the door. If one wants to blame the door manufacturer, why not blame the architect and/or the hardware consultant that wrote
    the hardware list! Naaaa , last guy to work on it should have corrected this. But as we see so often, installers are not necessarily knowledgeable of things exactly like this!!!!

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