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Mar 20 2013

WW: 5 Motions to Release the Latch

As most of you know, a required egress door must typically operate with only one motion to release the latch.  The common exception is dwelling unit entry doors in hotels and apartment buildings, which can have one additional locking device if the occupant load of the unit is 10 or less.  Take a look at this door, sent to me by Jeff Strangio of Maffey’s Security Group.  Do you think you could figure out how to open it in smoky conditions?

5 Motions to Release Latch

3 Responses to “WW: 5 Motions to Release the Latch”

  1. David DeFilippo AIA says:

    Looks like an exit door in a loft. If the locks don’t get you, the poorly maintained fire escape will. Generally people can be real clowns about locks and doors. It’s usually tied to doing things cheaply. Maybe they are smart and only bolt it down when un-occupied.

  2. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    The two hinge side slide bolts would probably cam out with the door not needing to be physically opened to allow the door to swing. But that still leaves three motions to effect opening.

    This looks like it would be a good situation for a three point Von Duprin 9957 SVR with a continuous hinge or maybe an Arm a Dor.

    Kinda looks like Maxwell Smart’s front door…
    “Chief…. Max here….. I’ll be a little late for that cone of silence meeting…..”

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