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Jul 22 2010

Force = Mass x Acceleration

Since it’s one hour until Friday and I’ve had a very long week trying to catch up from being on vacation, here’s some door-humor (yes, really).  It’s an automatic door on the Columbia University Physics building.  The auto operator was being replaced with an LCN Senior Swing, but the installers were struggling through the installation without a wiring diagram, which can be extremely tough if there’s other hardware involved.  I feel a site visit coming on.

For the door-humor, check out the sign.  Clever.

Auto Operator Replacement Auto Operator Sign


Thank you to one of Ingersoll Rand’s training managers, Jeff Tock, for these photos.

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5 Responses to “Force = Mass x Acceleration”

  1. Robert Wright says:

    We have noticed that a clear / clean wiring is a very important part of installing. This makes it better for follow up and repair if it is set up to be clear of problems (rats nest). Lot of the trouble shooting we do is from rats nest as moving them around can cause half the problems.

  2. Robert Wright says:

    Always remember to spell check too haha for problems

  3. Brett Lomax says:

    Up to the date wiring diagrams for common auto operator applications are needed badly. When I am called about operational problems, particularly with operators and EL/QEL devices, nobody can provide wiring diagrams. Incorrect wiring is the root cause of most of the problems.

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